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Cosmic Dance/Trance In The Living Room

Cosmic Dance/Trance In The Living Room - Come Awaken the I AM
An Evening Of Spiritual Revival
WHAT: Cosmic Dance/Trance is a ritual celebration process which combines elements of ecstatic dance, guided meditation and sacred ritual. This process is inspired by the international phenomenon of dance raves, but is also firmly grounded in the findings of leading-edge, contemporary science, as well as the ancient indigenous beliefs and the age-old contemplative faith traditions of the East and West.

WHY: Cosmic Dance/Trance offers an inviting, inclusive and intuitive entry for those new to spirituality, while tapping into the deep resonance of ancient religious, mystical, and shamanistic teachings as well. Christian in its base, the Cosmic Dance integrates the teachings of Creation Spirituality, and has attracted Buddhists and Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Hindus, and non-believers.
The Cosmic Dance/Trance replaces sitting on pews with a dancing on them and replaces sermons with movement and meditation triggered by powerful music, enhanced with DJ performances, as well as drop in live musicians in the future. While a brief “teaching” will be included, the printed texts of modern worship are replaced by the context of experience, employing elements of rave and sacred dance

$10 Early Bird Thru May 1, 2019
$15 Thru May 7, 2019
$20 at door if space is still available
This Event Is Limited To 100 Entrants.

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