Rev. Randy Fikki - AN Ordained INTERFAITH MINISTER

Ever since an early age, Randy has known his call was to be a spiritual leader. He was born in the small South American country of Suriname, located just north of Brazil nestled between British Guyana and French Guyana, But at a young age moved to the United States, where he did all his formal education. At many points in his life, he would say, "the time is to follow my heart is now", but countless schooling in Psychology, working in Education, starting and growing a few startups, providing for his family, and raising his two beautiful daughters were always his top priorities.  Throughout his journey, Randy has been on fire about finding ways to take spiritual ideas beyond the traditional church setting and integrating them into everyday life. With that idea in mind, it became his quest to help other add these views and understanding of Spiritual Principles, and their powers to their lives. Randy has spoken, taught and ministered in countless venues and formats. Wherever he finds himself, he finds people ready to learn from him and with him.

“We are all connected, We may feel rise and fall individually, but we all can depend on the knowing that we are One Power and One Presence and that we have within us all the Divine Power it contains.”

 In his quest to create a better existence, Randy has spoken all over the country, in front of tens of thousands of people, but you can see him right here on Patreon each and every week.

Follow Rev. Randy Fikki At: facebook.com/randy.fikki

Rev. Gloria Lilly- Holt - Ministerial Mentor

Gloria is a woman of great knowledge gained through experience and spiritual vision.  The mother of six children, three sons, and three daughters, Rev. Gloria is dedicated to establishing and maintaining her relationship with and to God. Because she has an eclectic background; Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, and Pentecostal, her experience has provided a unique perspective. Unity, through literature, has been the unifying presence since her childhood.

Rev. Gloria joined Unity in 1994, and answered the call to ministry in 2003.  A graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles, she holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology.  A retired teacher, Rev. Gloria is a teacher in the Ministerial Education Program at Unity Village.  As she says, “Teaching and music are my passions.”  She also serves as a speaker for Unity communities in Missouri and Kansas, and as a co-minister for Soul Food Unity Ministries.

She has been the Senior Minister for Unity Southeast since 2012.  Rev. Gloria ministers by sharing her story with others.  She knows that a renewed mind transforms a life of despair.  Rev. Gloria leads others not only by example, but by teaching God Given Truth.

Our Board Of Directors

Sharon Turner-Jackson President
Sharon Turner-Jackson was as an administrator in the not for profit business arena for 25 years. She retired as the CEO of a residential living facility with a staff of approximately 150 employees. She has been an active board member (throughout the years) of approximately ten organizations in the Kansas City Metro area.

Bernadine Rashad Vice President
Bernadine has worked in the educational and business community over 40 years. She has served as director of 2 not for profit agencies, work based learning consultant for the KCK Chamber of Commerce and teacher for both KCMO and KCK. 

Agnes Bradshaw Treasurer
I am Agnes Cleopatra Bradshaw nee Best, born, reared and educated in Barbados and will be called Barbadian, however I am a naturalized citizen of the USA. Mother of three children and grandmother of fourteen. In Barbados I attended Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity(BIMAP) where I gained certification in Front Desk and General Management and worked in the tourism industry. I moved from Barbados to New York, and in the year 2000 I moved to Missouri. I worked at Walmart as an Optician and Vision Center Manager.I have been a member of Unity Southeast in Kansas City for approximately thirteen years where I served on the board as Secretary. Worked as Admin Assistant and I am presently the Treasurer. I am now enjoying retirement and keeping myself busy doing a little gardening, one of my hobbies.

Gloria Hunt Secretary
With over 40 years in the business field, I bring my organizational skills and creativity to work with this board.  Having been in Unity since 1998, one of the things closest to my heart is to help spread Unity principles to the urban community.  The overall experience that I have gained working with Unity Southeast Church board has been invaluable and we continue to hold a vision of excellence in our ministry. 

Kenneth Topp
Graduate of the University of Kansas and Central Missouri State University. Regional Sales Manager for several telecom companies for over fourteen years. Language Arts teacher for KCMSD and charter schools for over sixteen years. Manager for U.S Census for four years. Charter member and current Chairman of Kansas City Guide Right Foundation a 501C3 non-profit created to mentor and support young men.

Pamela O'Kane

Ed Wilson