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YFM “Only Love Prevails”

The intention of this lesson is to understand that an entire world can be transformed through love. To create a better world world let’s proclaim that ONLY LOVE PREVAILS!

Apostle: Peter 

Location in The Body: Back of the Heart 

Nature Symbols: Wolf/Cubs 

Color: Pink 

Spiritual Principles: 

• Love is the pure essence of being that binds everything together 

• Love is the most powerful force in the universal and in its proper use brings only good 

• Unconditional love is recognizing the Spirit of God in everyone 

• No matter what we do we are born worthy of God’s love 

• Divine love never ceases, and it is unchangeable 

• We must love ourselves in addition to loving others 

• Love has the power to transform anything 


I am a loving being. 


Earlier Event: October 27