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Healing Touch In The Living Room

We are so proud to be able to bring back this free event.

Love Offerings accepted.

Over A Dozen Healers Will Be On Hand To Help Facilitate The Process Of Healing Our Physical, Emotional, Mental, And Spiritual Discomforts.

Do you want more healthcare options for yourself and those you love?
Are you tired of living with discomfort, stress or hopelessness and need a better long-term solution?
Are you seeking alternatives because the risks from drug side effects seem extreme or may be causing even more sickness?
Are you disenchanted and tired of just being treating for what is on the surface?
Are you frustrated with slow progress or the negative
outlook of your current situation?
Do you feel there is something more you could be doing that focuses on the “whole” person body, mind, emotions and spirit?

Then, join us for our next healing event.